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Social Media Marketing Tips

October 17th, 2013 | Posted by Alex Kramer in Uncategorized

Social Media MKTG

In this post, I have decided to collect some of my favorite tips that I came across during my research of Social Media Marketing.  I did some pretty intensive research to really intensify my knowledge of Social Media Marketing and I hope to spread this wisdom among you.

The first page that I pulled some tips from is titled 16 Social Media Marketing Tips.  My favorite tips are as follows:

  1. Use images to amplify your Facebook updates.
  2. Create loyalty by participating in one-on-one dialogue.

I find the first tip to be very important in that using images really grabs the reader’s attention.  It is a known fact that when scanning a page, a reader is more likely to notice a picture than a large collection of words.   The reason I believe the second tip is so useful is due to the word “loyalty.”  Customer retention and relationship marketing are so important in today’s marketplace and this is a very helpful way to enhance that.

The second page is titled 45 Social Media Tools and Tips.  The following tips stood out to me:

  1. Check for broken links on your blog.
  2. Display the Facebook “Like” box to new subscribers.

I believe that the reason that these two tips stood out to me is because of the relevance to the actual blog that I am creating.  I agree that broken links to be found and corrected due to credibility and accessibility issues.  In addition, according to Yahoo, 1.11 billion people were using Facebook as of May.  This is an incredibly large number and is self-explanatory when considering the effect that a Facebook like can have on the exposure of your website.

Feel free to leave comments of any Social Media Marketing Tips that you find interesting or helpful!

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